Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are you 'Poken?'

Forget the Facebook ‘poke’ and get Poken!
It looks like Near Field Communication (NFC) found its potential!
The team at Poken has developed a proprietary NFC-based technology for collecting contacts and interacting with places and things.
Check it out:
Tradeshows and events just got a heck of a lot easier!
For business, no more:
·         Missed opportunities: losing business cards on-site or en-route prior to syncing with Outlook.
·         Bad data: storing incorrect information caused by human error and miss-keys.
·         Questions: where did I meet John, again?  Poken’s timeline keeps everyone (and thing in order)
·         Updates: Poken follows users as they change jobs. No more cross-referencing linkedin with Outlook to determine whether or not your contact has moved on. Through sync, Poken does all the heavy lifting.
What does the future hold?
With poken mobile apps, the possibilities seem endless!
·         Check-ins and loyalty tracking
·         Geo-based, impromptu discounting
·         Eco-friendly, paperless share of information
The physical devices are a merchandisers dream too!
I can picture people getting wrapped up in collecting Poken personas:
Are stickers, apparel, stuffed toys in their image to follow?

Already a pokernaut?
Has anyone tried this technology out? What do you think?
Seems easy enough:
  1. Activate online or by removing the white tab on a persona
  2. Meet & Poken other users by either mobile apps or pressing the palms of Poken personas together
  3. Sync & Share with your Poken contacts online, keep in touch and meet up again! 
I can’t wait to get my hands on one and ‘get Poken!’
Check ‘em out at:

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