Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Don’t text and drive; plain and simple.

For some, texting isn’t just an addiction; it’s become a natural reflex.

(And I’m ashamed to admit I’ve about reached that point).

My eyes glance down on my iPhone any free second they get. There’s times where I’ll will myself NOT to look at it before I complete x, y, and z but sure enough, instinct takes over and I’m pulling down on my Facebook feed – +2 new stories? Let me at ‘em!

There’s no point in people watching on the walk to work anymore – everyone is face-down in their palms, scrolling, clicking, and typing.  We’re zombies walking among zombies.

While walking and texting is a challenge, driving is downright deadly. It’s become such a problem that businesses and federal law alike are beginning to take a stand in driving awareness.

Two samples of note I recently stumbled upon that pack a similar punch.
One by Volkswagen and the other by the State of Rhode Island:

Advertising at its best.

Both are instantly recognizable to even the most laissez-faire of us texters.

By using the auto-correct/suggestion function to expose the serious realities of texting and driving, the message really makes you question whether the correspondence is worth the gamble with consequence.

The campaigns’ messages are enhanced further as the subject of the ‘intended’ texts couldn’t be more ordinary. Do you really want to seriously diminish the path of your life over a couple of typed words?

Simple, straight to the point.

HUGE impact.

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