Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kmart’s BIG-GAS Savings…

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend Travel, Kmart promotes its “Big Gas” savings in a big ass way:

 “Honey, this solves your BIG-GAS problem!”

It’s play on words, part 2!
RAWR! Kmart flexes its marketing might!
Following the viral success of their Ship My Pants spot, Kmart’s second 30-second spot of double-entendres is brilliant.

But is it as funny as their original?

Absolutely. This second serving of slapstick lewd-ity is everything movie sequels hope to be.

Kmart continues to count on comedic delivery to unveil new shopper benefits.

Their new approach is smart (“Kmart smart,” but for real this time).

With the bulk of US consumers aligned either team-Walmart or team-Target, Kmart has fallen on deaf ears for years.

We may not have listened to Kmart on its own merit, but we’ll always listen to a joke. And what’s coming out of Kmart’s mouth is more than just sass – it’s store benefits we might actually be interested in.

$0.30 off at the pump and I don’t even have to go into the store!? That’s a baby step I’m willing to take.

And see? I was so busy chuckling at all the “big gas-es,” I didn’t even notice I was being marketed to.

Precisely what Kmart was hoping for.

Third time’s a charm? Maybe some “sofa king” is next? Bring it. :) 

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