Friday, December 16, 2011

Facelift | Faceoff: State Farm Insurance

Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is (still) there…
…she just looks a little brighter! After nearly 60 years, the team at State Farm decided it was time for some creative Botox.
We continue our Facelift | Faceoff series with a discussion of the changes made to the State Farm Insurance mark, slated to roll out the first of the year.
Before the facelift:
You know it well. Here, we see “STATE FARM” and “INSURANCE” stacked vertically, yet separated by a pyramid of 3 interlocked ovals. The ovals spell out State Farm’s three founding service offerings; Auto, Life and Fire insurance.  
After surgery:
Distinct, yet familiar. The new look pulls the ovals out in front; gone are the words ‘auto, life and fire.’ The new logo drops “Insurance” and brings “StateFarm” together horizontally with a refreshed upper/lower, italicized casing.
30k Ft Weighs In:
A lot can change in 60 years! At more than 65,000 employees and nearly 18,000 agents, State Farm has grown 5-fold.
Now purveyors of securities, annuities, mutual funds and banking, dropping the word “Insurance” better aligns with State Farm’s broadened range of financial services.
If service line extension wasn’t enough reason to scrap the “auto, life and fire” verbiage, the proliferation of digital and social media channels coupled with the rise in mobile browsing was. We’re sure the old logo rendered beautifully on billboards, tv, and the weekly paper. But it’s not 1953 anymore. Can you imagine trying to read “auto, life and fire” in a Facebook profile? What about a mobile app? Clearing out the ovals provides a sleek viewing experience where brand real estate is shrinking; enabling State Farm to maintain one consistent look regardless of channel.
For us, the change is a welcomed one. “After” prevails.
So, weigh in.
Did State Farm get it right with their “less is more” approach and modest refresh?
Which look do you prefer?


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