Thursday, December 8, 2011

Move Over, 2-Day Sale...

It’s day 1 of 2 in our exploration of new and exciting ways to garner attention and increase in-store traffic during the inevitable lag that occurs between Black Friday and Christmas Eve.
Target hoped to increase their share of Black Friday’s wallet this year when they rolled the start of their 2-day sale back to midnight. But with Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Best Buy, and others following suit, it proved useless.  Well, it’s Christmas time and at Target, the more (promos) the merrier! Move over, 2-day sale - a new promo is comin’ to town!
Introducing, Target’s 3-Day (almost last minute) Sale!
Ok, since when does a sale starting in the single digits of December constitute as last-minute? Did Target’s famed Christmas Champ move Christmas and not tell us? That’s not the point.
We’re now in the throes of the holiday season. We awake daily to a barrage of specialty store emails touting their own unique sales. It’s time supercenters got in on the game! With their new promotion, Target breaks Big Box tradition of simply relying on weekly circulars to drive sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The 3-Day (almost last minute) Sale gives holiday shoppers an extra reason to shop Target on what otherwise would have been a level playing field weekend. 3-day wow?! It's pure genius.
The promotion uses time (both in window of sale and perceived proximity to Christmas) to break through the clutter of competing promotions.
Will eclipsing their weekly circular with a second layer of (more) spectacular sales make a difference? I guess we'll find out this weekend...
What do you think?

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