Thursday, November 15, 2012

The best ads say it all without saying anything…

While exploring the blogosphere, I stumbled across this brilliant ad by Rep/Grey out of Bogotá, Colombia for AKT Motos.

Sometimes it’s better to just let the picture do all the talking.

Now, I’m not about to buy one of these motor scooters or anything – but the point is still well taken.

Who can’t in a moment of earnestness admit their spending too much [empty] time on social media?

By transforming the Facebook and Twitter logos into traditional architectural renderings, we’re reminded how detached a life lived solely through social media can be.

We need balance. We need the real world!

To really drive the notion of isolation home, I would have liked to have seen no doorway out of the logo.

(And if I were in the market for a new place, Facebook is totally the cooler pad).

Same point, different execution

Now that I’ve got my creative juices going…picture it:

Frame 1: A dark, lonely room, the only light is what’s emitting from a computer monitor. Crouched over it, a tired, worn subject staring blankly at the screen. Right hand on the mouse, left hand propping up his head. In his glasses, the reflection of the Facebook/twitter interface.

Frame 2: Visually dynamic, bright surroundings – the same subject now rejuvenated, smiling – his sunglasses (snow ski goggles?) are reflecting the spectacular real-world that sprawls out before him.

[Logo] – Thumb through the life of others or live one of your own.

Just off the top of my head. :P

The whole pitch is an interesting concept – as the feature isn’t in direct competition with either social media platform. And yet, it resonates as an aspiring alternative.

Whether you’re actually in the market for a motor scooter, ski/beach trip or not, it’s a play we can all relate to – spend less time trolling social media!

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