Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kraken Rum ad breaks the surface

But which of those tentacles is carrying the message?

Two variations on this awesome new 3D concept popped up over the weekend; greeted with instant social chatter.
Images courtesy of AdWeek (wanted to get out and see for myself but it won't stop raining).
The dame is in distress just off Fullerton while her male counterpart struggles for survival somewhere off North Ave in Wicker Park.

Totally cool, but now that you’ve our attention, what do you have to say?

Kraken gains possession only to drop the ball in the end zone (Sorry. With the Super Bowl this weekend, I couldn’t resist the analogy).  

What do you want?

Give us some simple and sweet messaging that rewards the mind for the eyes’ attention.
Kraken should tell us (in just a few carefully clever words) what makes them worthy of our patronage.

Against the competition

Maybe those tentacles should be strangling someone else? Ahoy, Captain Morgan?!

Seriously, when your mascot is a mythical sea beast and the competition’s front man is a sea captain, shouldn’t the story write itself?

The message should be a no-brainer!

High Impact Imagery

Another route; maybe the Kraken isn’t keen on picking fights just yet?
Fine – use the imagery in a more literal sense.
get swept/carried away | (release) the beast (has been released)

So each quick sample blurb is already reminiscent of other products, you get the idea.

Kraken Rum is rich, strong and smooth (I just may have a bottle back home) – tell us why that’s good better than anything else out there!

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