Friday, February 8, 2013

Things are bright and cheery over at The (new) Vitamin Shoppe

What better time of year for a healthcare/supplements store to debut a new look? Q1 is their Christmas!

Customers are flooding in; resolved to live a better life, combating epidemic colds and flu, or perhaps a combination of both.

I’ve always been a GNC loyalist, so pardon the delay in my taking note, but
The Vitamin Shoppe has totally transformed!
An improvement for sure, but given the incumbent, was there ever any doubt?

The previous logo was totally ordinary, which doesn’t pair well with an already terribly generic name.

And it was a name and logo all at once, mounted on a thick, heavy oval of blue and gold. The bloated, italic typography, with its hard edge lines and the useless inclusion of “since 1977” left the mark feeling unnecessarily busy.

Vitamin Shoppe’s new look follows the sweeping trend in clean, simple design.

The Colors

While it retains the heritage colors of blue and gold, it brightens both quite a bit. Increasing yellow’s prominence was a smart move; as it makes the mark feel young, healthy and full of life (and isn’t that why we pop vitamins in the first place?).

…Wait, where else have we seen this color palate?
Did someone have a sale on blue and yellow-gold?
A little too close for comfort, if you ask me. I’d have tweaked the colors a bit more to secure a truly unique identity, (and avoid brand confusion with the Sprawlmart pill aisles).

The Typography

Nothing earth-shattering, thin and simple – but a breath of fresh air! And hey, it does as good a job as any of carrying the word “Shoppe” into this century.

The Shield

Perhaps the most interesting update was the addition of an emblem.

The Vitamin Shoppe’s “V” is bold and impactful. It brings real movement to the brand and is well suited for the hip minimalist approach to product labels, promotional posters and social media avatars. Although not iconic, it strives to be, and will no doubt become sole ambassador of Vitamin Shoppe across the gamut of iOS, windows, and android mobile apps.

Not bad brand evolution.

When it comes to the new look, we give The Vitamin Shoppe a clean bill of health!

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