Friday, January 13, 2012

Social Life Audit - (it's time you had yours)

Forget about Klout for a minute.
Ulitmat Vodka brings us the first-ever gauge of one’s offline social life.  

You may be cool on the web, but Ultimat contests that doesn’t immediately translate to the physical world (albeit, scores depend heavily on the content you post online – a bit of a contradiction, no?).
Let's get started!
How does it work?

The “Social Life Audit” (SLA) is a down and dirty breakdown of cool. Unlike Klout, which measures audience engagement and amplification by number of likes, comments, and retweets, SLA reviews the general make-up and quantity of friends tagged in posted photos and check-ins.

For example:

Mood Analysis uses Facebook’s built-in facial recognition API to gauge how much fun the people around you are having (smile vs. frown, eye contact).

Gender Analysis looks at male-to-female ratios, percentage of tags that are single and overall attractiveness (determined by facial expression).

What gets weighted?

The audit takes into consideration:
  • Approval rating: (% of photos/check-ins that receive “likes”)
  • Gender Breakdown: (more points awarded for being with the opposite sex*)
  • Popularity: (based on total number of different people in your photos)
  • Social Status: (defined by the average number of photo tags per week)
  • Crew Size: (average number of people in your photos)
  •  “Hookup” Potential: (% of tagged people that are single – again, emphasis is on opposite sex*)
      *Unless you’re gay. Sorry, HRC. You can sit down now. Simply self-identify by clicking the gay/straight box and Ultimat recalculate’s your score. (Nice touch, guys!)

Here’s how I faired:
::shameless gloating::
But wait,
Where’s the marketing tie-in?

“Overworked? Under-played? Join the club.” –except from the site’s intro video.

It’s all part of Ulitmat Vodka’s new strategy; “Find Balance. Find Ultimat.” (We blogged about it last week, remember?) An interactive nugget of brand stickiness.

Ultimat wants to remind the ladder-climbing, workaholic in all of us to take a break. Get out from behind your computer and start living! That’s right, sign off Yammer and out of email. Close your laptop. And go crash the first Happy Hour you can find!

Work will wait for your return. Youth, maybe not. :P

Get your Social Media Audit here.
…what did it say? Let’s compare scores!

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