Friday, October 4, 2013

What the FK, BK?

Same King, new Kingdom.

That’s right. The King of Burgers (if only by name), just a few weeks deep in unveiling their new HEALTHIER SatisfriesTM, is taking promotion to a whole new (read: confusing) level!

I guess their #WTFF guerrilla campaign didn’t gain the momentum BK had hoped?
Chicago - W. Wacker Drive
Their latest cry for attention, a faux re-branding from “Burger” to “Fries” King, began to unfold Tuesday via social media.

And they’re dead serious! (At least at one location)...
Fries King -- As seen through Social Media...
To set the record straight, the 3rd-string fast food kingdom is NOT really changing its name. Apt at garnering attention on the many realms of social media, the hubbub tucks nicely with BK’s raucous, counter-culture personality.

And while it definitely generated buzz, we remain skeptical of the results.

Man, they REALLY want us to try these fries!

Let’s face it; the fast food burger market is as stale and mature as they come.

Everyone knows the Whopper; they either like it or they don’t. And while the introduction of new bacon sundaes may have intrigued, they aren’t the type of stuff you can build a sustainable business on.

Robin to the sandwich’s Batman, fries are the full-time side item, part-time snack that can bring new business! Seriously, there’s like 15 choices for sandwiches, but only 1 side item EVERYONE wants (and it’s not those mushy apple slices).

The change in monikers is BK’s plea with the most skeptical McDonald’s and Wendy’s loyalists that have yet to try the new fry – (and that fry better BLOW minds if it hopes to secure repeat traffic).

“We couldn’t make it in burgers, so we’re focused on fries!”

But flip that burger and you’ve got yourself a real pickle of a marketing dilemma (HA!).

By saying they’re king of fries, is BK conceding to burgers that aren’t all that stellar? What about all the efforts made to reinvent the sandwich side of the menu board last year? Quality ingredients, flame broiled this and that? All lies? You aren’t home of the fry unless the burger moves out.

Wait, what was that about a Bacon Sundaes?

That’s right, we blogged about BK last summer when they were amidst a significant overhaul of their menu; BBQ burgers and pork, and bacon dropped on top of everything (including sundaes). While competing chains were focused on attracting the more health-conscious, it was as if BK was bucking the trend, opting to make a direct appeal to calorie junkies and cholesterol addicts everywhere.

Not even a year later, they’re touting the healthiest fry? Which market are you after? Because you can’t be all things to all people (that’s Marketing 101).

And lastly, (or perhaps it should have been FIRST and foremost), you NEVER toy with the LOGO!

The LOGO is sacred! It’s like America’s flag; don’t tread!!

Aside from MAYBE April Fools, you don’t change your brand “just for fun”.

First, it dilutes the impact of a real change (ain’t that right, Yahoo!?). And second, it’s just confusing. We are a dumb people, U.S. consumers. Give us one thing to look at. That’s it, that’s you. Now don’t change it unless you want us thinking you weak.

Note: BK was on our
New Logo Wish List for 2013 – (this is NOT what we had in mind).


Has anyone tasted ‘em? Chicago is a golden arches town, so I have yet to walk myself over to the one, single location downtown. Let me know what you think! (I swear the advertising didn’t work on me). :P

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