Wednesday, May 2, 2012

iRobot, Do You? Ad Review:

So, iRobot just launched a funky new campaign that playfully pairs their self-vacuuming Roomba product with the goofy dance craze of the same name.

Cute, right? Ok, and a bit corny too. Well, it got my attention!

First hyped more than a decade ago during its initial launch, who even knew iRobot was still rolling Roombas off the assembly line? Strictly speaking product,

Awesome concept, lackluster execution.

When a friend of mine gifted me the robo-cleaner back in 2007, I was admittedly ecstatic. That is, until I actually tried to use the thing.

Sure, it works – if you’re content with your floors being only moderately cleaned and only in patches determined at random as Roomba’s path unfolds.

I’d often come home to discover the poor thing not even five swoops into the cleaning process, trapped under the entertainment center or dining room hutch, batteries completely exhausted.

The fantasy I put on for others was quite different.

At the office, I strutted around like George Jetson; quick to point out the scheduled times when my own personal Rosie was presumably wisping about the house, saving me time and effort.

Novel, not practical – (but are we buying lifestyle or functionality)?

“Of course Daniel has one of those things.”

That’s what people would say – in a way both equal parts condescending and endearing.
Yea, I have a Roomba – why? Because I’m tech savvy and cool – ahead of the times!

In addition to the video spots, print ads were also fashioned.

Source: AdWeek | Client: iRobot | Product: Roomba vacuum | Agency: Mullen, Boston

With faces blocked, campaign models become almost secondary to the product, all the while making Roomba feel more life-like and personable. Copy is light, telling boastful stories not unlike those I cast out upon the office steno pool years ago.

The closing tag and question: iRobot, do you? uses a bandwagon approach aims to take advantage of would-be buyers like me – consumers who think themselves young and abreast of all the latest technologies and trends. An idle threat that the next generation in cleaning is here; and if you’re as cool as you say you are, you don’t want to miss it.

So, hop on the iRobot bandwagon! (Assuming it’s not already caught on the leg of some copy table).

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