Friday, October 5, 2012

7-Eleven’s “unabashedly unscientific” poll shows second term for the incumbent

If this year’s ballot box was city trashcans, the votes would already be tallied.

Tired of talking politics at the office? Cut to the chase; walk in every morning wearing your political leanings on your (coffee) sleeve.
Landing Page (as of Oct. 4, 2012)
7-Eleven’s “7-Election” poll promotion allows coffee-seeking customers to pick a blue cup for Obama and red for Romney.

Inventory has spoken!

With 34 states + DC reporting (the only regions participating in the promotion), Obama leads Romney with 60% of the “votes.”

And actually, President Obama has held the lead since the first day the poll opened (September 6), where blue cups made up 57.2% of all those sold.

Explore 7-Eleven's interactive map! Updated daily through the election, the website breaks down sales by region.

We know what you’re thinking…

It’s a matter of demographics and the disbursement of US store locations, right? 

There must be a greater concentration of 7-Eleven stores held within blue states.

Think again.

This is 7-Eleven’s fourth consecutive promotion to coincide with the U.S. Presidential election and they’ve yet to be wrong (that’s right, sales aligned with Obama and both Bush terms).

Part of 7-Eleven’s success (they’re the largest retailer by number of stores), has hinged upon the company’s refined knack for capturing real-time sales data and adjusting store shipments to better reflect (and capitalize on) local preferences and tastes.

The same iron-clad logistics are what make the 7-Election promotion possible.

As each cup is scanned for purchase, red vs. blue numbers are tallied, tabulated and reported back to website; a daily process that keeps both cups in-store and polling results accurate.

Regardless the outcome on November 6th, the real winner is 7-Eleven.

The 7-Election campaign is genius – how else could a convenience store chain get in on the action while not pledging allegiance to one party over another?

Reports show that hot beverage sales at U.S. 7-Eleven franchises grew by 6.5% per store per day during the second U.S. promotion.
It looks like it's Obama by a full stack here in Chicago! (corner of Michigan and E. Wacker)
Nothing like an extra jolt of caffeine to boost in-store sales every four years!

Great work 7-Eleven! :)

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