Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey, Diet Coke - Nice Cans.

I love this can and I don’t know why.
Drinking Diet Coke from close-up can just feels….sexier.
It’s bold meets absolute simplicity. A testament to the no. 3 soft drink’s clout, it’s amazing how instantly recognizable it is.
 Less is more. It’s confident and clever.
Never mind surreptitious waves, swirls of silver and fake water droplets, the new treatment is fully prepared to elevate the DC logo to icon status.


A Turner Duckworth design originally commissioned to commemorate Coca-Cola’s 125th birthday, the close-up can flew off the shelves last fall.

Well this year, Diet Coke turns 30 and Coca-Cola seems to be in a generous (re)gifting mood.

The look is back and looks like it’s here to stay.

As if we needed another reason to crack open a can…

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