Monday, March 19, 2012

This Week’s Edition of Newsweek Takes Us Back to 1965

…not just on the cover, but every page!

With their homage to the return of AMC’s hit drama Mad Men, Newsweek reminds us that even more legitimate, news-worthy titles aren’t above reducing themselves to “Special Issue” gimmicks in order to sell more copies.

Cynical tendencies aside, the concept is actually quite cool.

Because when Newsweek decided to pay tribute to yesteryear, they didn’t go it alone.

Regular Newsweek advertisers jumped on the bandwagon too. Companies like Allstate, Dunkin’ Donuts, Mercedes-Benz and Tide got in the spirit by either producing new, sixties-chic ads or revamping the ones already placed 47 years ago.

Check out all the retro ‘Mad Men’ Issue ads here.

Which is your favorite?

I know we just posted about Mad Men earlier this month, but all the hub-bub has us begging for a trip back inside the office of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce - we can hardly contain our excitement!

Remember, Mad Men comes back this Sunday. That’s right, 6 more days until we can see Joan again! 
The wait is (finally) over!

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