Thursday, March 22, 2012

LEGO Totally Gets Marketing.

I’m sorry, they just do!

Who else could transform what are essentially building blocks into an extensive subculture with international appeal; capable of supporting movies, video games, competitions, five themed amusement parks and an endless array of fan blogs?

It’s clear that LEGO has made a conscious effort to denote and cater to two distinct buyer groups; children and (more recently) adults.

The first, you see played out extensively in their corporate stores and catalogs, on the web and the bulk of product packaging; minifigs brought to life through action-packed poses that stretch the feasibility of what actual pieces are able to achieve.

The second style, with its thought-provoking, simple elegance, was discussed on 30k Feet earlier this year.

Well they did it again, this time paying tribute to perhaps my favorite brand (and TV family).

The Simpsons!!

With their “Imagine” campaign, LEGO reminds adult fans that with the right amount of imagination, talent, and patience, individually insignificant colored bricks can transform into something truly captivating.

Sure, they could serve us the same tactics that prove effective on today’s kid builders (mostly male), but this minimalist strategy is far more affective. Each standing alone as a proverbial Magic Eye puzzle; the ads are both cunning and charming. 

The versatility of LEGOs never ceases to amaze me.
Now, if only LEGO and The Simpsons could strike a true licensing deal, transforming famous show characters into actual minifigures and licensing building sets (742 Evergreen Terrace, Moe’s Tavern, the Quik-E-Mart, etc.), I’d be in heaven!
Can you decipher which other pop culture icons are embodied in the Imagine campaign?

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