Monday, June 25, 2012

Who's Your Daddy? A Lesson in Parent Branding

I typically zone out during the two/three commercials tucked intermittently throughout my Hulu program queue (enough already, Verizon).

Lately, however – I’ve noticed a trend in parent branding that didn’t seem to exist before and I’m intrigued.

Turning the Page - SC Johnson, a Family Company

Be it Scrubbing Bubbles or Ziploc, commercial spots end with a corner of the creative real estate being “pulled back” to reveal the parent brand.

The look has even been extended over to print ads and product packaging
Marking the Page - Unilever

Whether promoting Dove or Hellmann’s Mayo, there’s a white tab, usually at the top right, which boasts the signature 'U' and supporting “unilever” script.

The tab takes the form of a white sheet; first unfurled, then left blowing gently in the virtual/animated breeze.

Both cases of parent branding are quick, subtle, and, for the most part, non-distracting.

But why do it at all?

“I use Crest toothpaste because that’s what Mom uses.”

Crest knew it was a family decision back in '78...
There’s no denying that consumer packaged goods (CPGs) serve as some of the strongest examples in brand loyalty. Food, personal hygiene, and household cleaners are all intimate buying decisions. Once a brand gets bestowed the distinction of “trusted,” they become routine; even price can become a non-issue when faced with competition.

“You love Tide? Love all of P&G.”

Are the multinational conglomerates that manage CPG portfolios hoping to extend existing brand loyalties of individual products upstream?

Now customer-facing, could parent brands like SC Johnson, Unilever, and P&G start to attract loyal followings all their own? Could that loyalty act as a trump card; triggering some consumers to switch from long held favorites to competing offerings managed by their parent-brand of choice?

It couldn’t hurt.

And who knows? The more trusted and known a parent brand becomes, the more easily consumers may take to their new releases – brand and category alike.

So step boldly from the shadows, SC Johnson, Unilever and P&G!

Show us what you’ve got, what you’re made of, and why we should place (ultimate) trust in you.

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